1 Stop Medical

Carbon Reduction Plan 2024


Diagnostic Testing Solutions

Our advanced diagnostic testing solutions empower medical professionals with accurate and timely results, enabling better patient care and informed decision-making.

Medical PPE

We offer a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment that prioritizes the safety of healthcare providers and patients alike.

Paper Hygiene Equipment & Consumables

Maintaining a hygienic environment is paramount in healthcare. Our range of paper hygiene equipment and consumables ensures cleanliness and infection control.

Wound Care & Sterilization

Our wound care and sterilization products are designed to promote optimal healing and prevent infections, ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.

Ostomy Appliances & Consumables

We provide reliable ostomy appliances and consumables that offer comfort, security, and improved quality of life for ostomy patients.

IV Cannulas, Bags & Consumables

Our intravenous solutions facilitate safe and effective administration of fluids and medications, supporting patient recovery and treatment.

We continue to uphold our commitment to providing top-notch solutions for the medical industry. For any inquiries about our products or services, please reach out to us at info@1stopmedical.co.uk. We apologize for any inconvenience during our online catalog update and appreciate your understanding.